Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cadiz/Jerez de la Frontinera

Entering Cadiz through the old city walls.

A beautiful square in the center of the Old City. They have so many of these that I forget the name of this one, but way cool regardless. Art Deco abounds here.

Cadiz is a city of beaches as it sits on the Atlantic, just outside the Straits of Gibraltar. The sand is yellow, the color reflected in a lot of the old construction. The boats belong to the mackerel and anchovy fisherman who head out to sea in those little fucking things as the sun goes down.

The Al-Kazar. The Moorish/Muslim influence is great here, owing to the proximiy to Africa.

The ancient mosaics also decorate every street corner, a hint at the Catholic background of 90% of the people here.