Tuesday, May 23, 2006


[Our dear friends MandT (who have the floor here anytime they want it since they closed down the Adgita Diaries) emailed this to me. Since I have my head in a manuscript and they asked me to post it, I will. I know nothing of this but it seems seriously fucked up to me. - Fixer]

Recently the Heiress to the billion dollar Korbel Champaign Fortune, and her male lover were arrested for several violent felony sex crimes against two innocent young women barely over 21.

The specific crimes of this public figure and her recently arraigned co-conspirator are these:

1. One young girl had her head slammed repeatedly into a table while being forcibly raped from behind - with the intent of forcing the victim to simultaneously perform cunnilingus on the Wine Heiress - Ms. Anderson, for her gratification.

2. The second girl was persued into a sauna, where her head was also slammed into a tile wall repeatedly while being forced to perform fellatio on Ms. Anderson's crime partner.

In her attempt to escape this violent scene of sadistic pornographic degradation, bondage and mayhem, one of the girls broke her leg. Both girls have lost their employment with Korbel. The victims now have substantial and ever increasing emotional, physical, and financial problems as a result of these predatory attacks.

3. Ms. Anderson and her lover conspired to perform these violent and degenerate criminal acts of rape in a pre-meditated manner, first by furnishing large amounts of alcohol to these unsophisticated young people. Next they further reduced their young victims ability to resist by exposing them to the dangerous combined effects of hot tubs, saunas, and alcohol.

Far from being consensual, this rape-sex combined kidnapping naive young women, with attempts to induce near unconsciousness. These rapes required repeated violence with serious physical injury in their commission. That was perhaps part of the real sadistic purpose of these crimes against these two young women, who could have in no way foreseen this horrible treatment at the hands of a woman nearly twice their age and her violent hate filled accomplice.

So far, this might seem just one of the endless stories of violent sex crimes against women and men which occur in Sonoma County every year, which are but briefly reported, then so often go unpunished by the " blame the victim" psychology in the sheriffs and District Attorneys offices.

But this time, the criminal is not a stupid garbage truck driver who pulled off the side of the road to commit a random or indiscriminate rape, only to be freed by a disinterested DA and Sheriff's Dept.

No. This time, the criminal accused owns 65% of a billion dollar Sonoma County wine empire. She is an untouchable. Her father, and the DA, and the County Sheriff's Office are all part of the " good old boy network", full of friendly favors and knowing silences. They control the local politics of privilege and deceit that Ms. Anderson is heir to. The machinery of the convenient blind eye to the prominent criminals in our midst.... the Cocaine Kelly's and Smuggler Lucas's and now the Kidnapping Anderson-Hecks.

In the case of heiress Richie Ann Anderson-Heck and Christopher Samii, the silence abounds, the friendly favors are flowing furiously. Immediate calls were made by Heck Sr. to the DA asking to hush up his daughter's arrest, until Korbel attorneys and PR people could mount a disinformation campaign against the victims.

Now odd things are happening. Very little information has gotten out to the public, about what should be a prominent story of kidnapping and multiple predatory premeditated rapes, of which a high profile - if dubious- Champagne Heiress stands accused. What does get out, seems intended to falsely smear the victims with innuendo.

Oddly, the Victims attorney cannot get the initial police crime reports after weeks of waiting. This is both unheard of and illegal. Yet the defense attorney for the Heiress claims to have "investigated" and reported to the DA... through what must be the oddest bit of legal procedure known in modern California political history.

When exactly did accused kidnappers and rapists start briefing the DA who is prosecuting them ? !!!

The Sheriff says, " Get the police reports from the DA" .
The DA says, " Get them from the Sheriff".
The victims attorney doesn't get them at all, and that illegal, under State Law.

Sadly, the Press Democrat attributed statements to the victims- about "consensual touching" - which the victims categorically deny having ever made. This is simply unacceptable, ethically or politically.

But it meshes wonderfully with the miscarriage of justice that will occur if the DA fails to bring multiple felony charges against both Samii and Anderson-Heck, for kidnapping, and rape, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. While we wait to see what the DA does... let me ask you a question.

If I shake your hand - which is consensual touching - and then I slam your head repeatedly against some immovable object while violating you sexually, have you somehow given me tacit permission ?

Neither did the victims !

Could it be that the savvy criminal attorneys for the feloniously degenerate Heiress and her recently arraigned accomplice have managed to compromise not only due process- through their long time political and financial connections in our notoriously corrupt County Government - but now have also tainted the reporting of their crimes, charges, and the proceedings?

Could it be that the plight of the victims, and the violent crimes committed at Korbel Winery are of less importance to the P.D. than not disturbing our Heros of The Politics of Privilege and Deceit ?

[Anybody else in the area heard anything of this, or know anything that could shed more light on this?]