Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yesterday's excuses

Mrs. F and yours truly were at the wedding of our oldest and closest friends' oldest daughter. (Say it a couple times, it works) Needless to say, we had far too much fun. It was wonderful, though I feel a bit old, because I've known these kids all their lives. An excellent coincidence, the wedding was held at the country club that's 2 blocks from my house. The car found its way home by itself.

1 - My beautiful wife and me after too much Jack Daniels and Absolut.

2 - The bride's two younger sisters. The one on the left gets married next year. Gotta go to Boston for that one.

3 - Yours truly, the bride's little brother, and the proud daddy.

4 - With the beautiful bride. I remember when she was an annoying little rugrat.

5 - Mrs. F with the mother of the bride (Mrs F's best friend) and the next victim. Heh.

6 & 7 - Me with mom and dad.