Sunday, July 02, 2006

Born on the Fourth of July

This blog is two years old on Tuesday and it's a damn shame we're still doing it. A damn shame we still find material (a lot of it) every day to vent about. By golly, if you would have told me, on the Fourth of July 2004, that Bush and his henchmen would still be in power, that the Congress would still be a rubber stamp for those same fascists, that we'd still be fighting a war in Iraq, I'd have said you're crazy. Two years ago, I figured at this point I'd have an occasional rant about the Dems making some bonehead move or another, but never still be trying to fight these crooked, inept, morally-bankrupt Republicans.

I thought 2004 would have been a year of awareness. Damn, we pushed for it. We were all young pups and all so damned sure we would get Bush out that November. Shakes and Jane Hamsher were just starting out back then, regular commenters here and then making us proud by reaching the heights they have. 42, Glen, Froggy (DBK), the CultureGhost, the Old White Lady, Travis, Pam, Cleek, John Howard, and my neighbor, Blondie; we were all finding our feet barely two years ago, a period of time that seems more like twenty. I met Rook, Patrick, and Eponymous then too, and Michael Hawkins through Pauly.

There were some bigs back then, Atrios and Kos, skippy, Orcinus, and of course the great South Knox Bubba (now blogging here under his real name) without whom I doubt the Brain would have existed. I met my good pal Gordon there, and yes I consider him a dear friend though we've never met face to face, my partner on two blogs for the better part of the last two years, and without whom this blog would never be where it is. I'd gladly share a foxhole, a ride, or a walk into Hell and back (or whatever else) with ya, man.

Speaking of blog partners, I'm honored to have the folks blogging here that I do. Nina and the Angry Old Broad have done so much to lend the female perspective to the rantings of a couple pissed off vets; Knox Rover (another SKB alumnus) and BaltimoreLenore as well during their brief tenures, and hopefully they'll take the floor again in the future, thank you all for your contributions.

And speaking of pissed off vets, I am honored to have met so many of them. Lurch, Jo Fish, Jeff Huber, CAFKIA, Farnsworth, The Chief, Chuck, Bob Geiger, Bulldog, all people who've served their country (serious patriots, folks) and chosen to stand up against the winds of war that have ravaged this nation for the last three years. We were all portrayed as traitors by the wingnuts until you people began to open your eyes. Let me tell ya, folks, these are people who know the true meaning of honor and 'supporting the troops' and I'm eternally grateful we're on the same team.

We've found some great new friends along the way too. Badtux, Elise, The Farmer, Lambert, His Highness, Granny, Christine, Sizemore, Creature, Michael Stickings, Scout Prime, Thersites, the Guerilla Women, RJ Eskow, Ed, the Chemist, Jay, John, Seth, and a whole host of others; folks from all walks of life dedcating their expertise toward our goal of freeing America, the country we all love so deeply, from the grip of a despot.

There are many who are no longer blogging, folks like M and T (and Harry Hound) from the Adgita Diaries whom we love so much (and I'm so grateful they continue to comment here) and Jeff from Jeffthinks, whom we hope would drop by and let us know he's okay. We miss you all.

And then there are the commenters, many bloggers themselves, who keep the discussion lively, informative, and give this place the sense of a small community. Thank you so much.

And the readers, many of whom inhabit the Halls of Power, thanks for stopping by and, hopefully, taking away a little of our perspective. Most of all, I just hope you think about what's going on out there realistically. Remember, we can rant and rave all we want, but it's all of you making your voices heard in November at the voting booths, and all the time by contacting your elected representatives and telling them how you feel, who will ultimately bring about change.

In all, it's been an amazing two years. I never thought anyone would listen to a mechanic from Long Island vent on the Internet, let alone 250 - 300 of you every day. Though I am a bit saddened there's a need, thanks to our 'traditional media' who have dropped the ball so badly, for what we do here, and in Left Blogtopia (y!sctp!*) in general, I can say it has been an outstanding experience. Thank you all for allowing me, and the staff here, to share in it.

My one hope is that at this time next year we will be talking about a Democratic Congress trying to straighten out the mess King George has made of this once-great nation.

*yes! skippy coined that phrase!